Greenville Table Tennis Club Web Site


While due diligence is exercised in publishing this site, all information herein is provided "as is" with no guarantees whatsoever; users should perform their own verification of all data provided.

Although Greenville Table Tennis Club is commonly referred to as a club, it is in fact more of an informal group managed by an ad hoc committee, and it has no official status as an organization.  As such, it collects no dues and coordinates any tournaments or other events through other established organizations.

While reasonable care is employed toward protecting any personal data that may be collected on this web site, no warranties to such protection and no limitations on use are given and none should be inferred.

Please be advised that this unofficial, little used website exists primarily so that anyone interesting in playing table tennis in Greenville SC has a point of contact. It is not expected to provide any other services beyond the handful of links explicitly requested by local players. 

If you nonetheless feel the need to contact us on other matters, you may do so via the provided Webmaster link, but the lack of any response from any of the parties who receive these, should be taken as an expression of the desire that there be no further contact on such matter.  If you find that unsatisfactory, you are welcome to stop by in person during our published playing hours and try to get someone there to join in your cause.

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